CONIX Table & Strappy Garden Dining Chair Modern Is A Outdoor Carver Chair With Minimalist Outdoor Furniture Styling, Made In Highest Quality Outdoor Furniture Materials By Royal Botania Luxury Exterior Furniture

Minimalist Style & Opulent Comfort

Royal Botania "Strappy"

Strappy garden chair has elegant style and ergonomic design, and is perfect for lazy afternoons and memorable evenings with family & friends. Shown here with Conix elliptical table.

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Organix MODERN Garden Sofa Is A Curvaceous OUTDOOR SOFA In ALL-WEATHER Outdoor Furniture MATERIALS By ROYAL BOTANIA Luxury Garden Furniture

Organic Form & Sumptuous Comfort

Royal Botania "Organix"

Organix has alluring contemporary design, and provides unparalleled comfort for you and your guests. You can choose individual sofas, or create a spectacular modular configuration.

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Bios HIDE Garden SOFA SWING Seat | DESIGNER Hanging Chair | MODERN Swing Seat | COMFORTABLE Hanging GARDEN Seat | [BLACK] High QUALITY Garden Furniture.

The Ultimate Chill-Out

Bios Hide

Escape in a Hide....Awesome comfort for 2 adults (and a child), & year-round garden art.

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Horizon Garden Sofa & Twist MODERN Garden COFFEE TABLE Is A LUXURY Exterior Low Table In PREMIUM QUALITY Outdoor Furniture MATERIALS By Cane-line GARDEN FURNITURE

All-Weather Sophistication


Synthetic rattan used to be "dirty words"....Not any more. Luxury quality garden furniture materials meet sophisticated Scandi design, with spectacular results.

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Luxurious Garden Sofas & Lounge Furniture

Royal Botania Ninix

Ninix Lounge, fine quality, supreme comfort and exquisite modern design characterise this collection of modular outdoor lounge furniture.

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Minimalist Outdoor Kitchen

Roshults Open Kitchen

Stylish modular functionality in high quality stainless steel.

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Indoor and outdoor refinement


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