Grythyttan Swedish Garden Furniture

Grythyttan Swedish Garden Furniture

Here’s a recent installation of Grythyttan Swedish garden furniture shown in an intimate London back garden. The client visited Sweden where he tried the iconic A2 cantilever garden chair and the accompanying table, and was immediately sold on the furniture’s unique comfort and vintage design. The high quality materials used for Grythyttan Stålmöbler galvanised steel garden furniture ensure this luxury outdoor furniture will provide comfort, functionality and style for decades to come.

A2 Cantilever Garden Chair

Show any Swede the A2 cantilever garden chair, and they’ll immediately recognise it…..even band members of Abba have this furniture! The A2 has unparalleled design credentials, having been designed and first made in the 1930s. This galvanised steel garden furniture has a comfortable bounce to it, is designed with exceptional ergonomic comfort and support in mind, and the chairs are also stackable for your convenience.

Luxury Outdoor Furniture Materials

The A2 cantilever garden chair and accompanying B30 190 table have their frame in super-strong galvanised steel, which is impervious to corrosion in even the harshest marine environments. The furniture has surfaces in plantation teak, a high quality hardwood which is naturally oil-rich, making it highly resistant to rotting and the perfect choice for luxury garden furniture.

A2 cantilever garden chair and the rest of this classic garden furniture collection is also optionally available in lacquered steel, with surfaces in oiled oak, oiled pine or lacquered oak.

Cushions seat pads are made in high quality Sunbrella outdoor fabric, which is UV, stain and mildew-resistant. The covers are also removable and machine washable.

Grythyttan Stålmöbler Galvanised Steel Garden Furniture

Grythyttan Stålmöbler galvanised steel garden furniture range also includes the A3 lounge chair and foot stool, as well as the A3 garden sofa. Grythyttan also offer a wide range of different-sized dining tables and low tables to accompany the garden seating.

Grythyttan Chair 1 shares the same cantilever design as the A2, but is does not have arms.

High Tech is a range of luxury outdoor furniture which is again made in galvanised steel garden furniture. The High Tech chair has the same characteristic cantilever design as the A2, providing awesome comfort and also functionality as the chairs are stackable too.

Grythyttan’s Brewery furniture collection has a more traditional look than the iconic A2 collection, and features folding tables and chairs, which are available in a wide range of materials.

All Grythyttan Stålmöbler galvanised steel garden furniture is suitable for a lifetime of use in residential and hospitality projects.

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