Maffam MANU NESTS designed by Raimonds Cirulis.

Something strange is happening deep in the Latvian countryside where physicist and prolific designer Raimonds Cirulis has harnessed the magical properties of basalt fibre to create a fantastic collection of designer garden swing seats and hanging chairs – Maffam Manu nests.

Up until 25 years ago basalt fibre was a Classified material, originally used by the Soviet Union in the aerospace industry. The military machine highly valued basalt fibre’s strength and lightness, and this magical polymer was widely used for air frames, missile cones, drops tanks etc.

Raimonds Cirulis has applied the basalt fibre to more peaceful purposes, creating a range of organically designed garden swing seats and nests, which also make fantastic pieces of year-round garden art and sculpture. Maffam Manu hanging nests are ergonomically designed for your maximum comfort, and are available in a range of sizes from individual garden swing seats such as Maffam Manu Ibis hanging seat, through to large garden hanging swing seats such as Maffam Manu King nest, which accommodates 2-3 people in the lap of luxury. New additions to the collection include the Maffam Manu Zeppelin large hanging garden seat pod – evocative of ┬álarge blimp – that seats 2-3 sitting or lying down. Other individual hanging garden seat sizes include Maffam Manu Compact nest and Maffam Manu Classic nest.

Add one of our luxuriously plump Sunbrella cushions for Maffam Manu King Nest or Maffam Manu Zeppelin nest and you have one of the most comfortable pieces of garden furniture that you simply won’t want to get out of. Made in the UK, the cushions are approximately 15cm deep and come right up to head height, meaning you are completely cradled in comfort. Maffam Manu nest cushions are available in Sunbrella Heather Grey (Taupe) or Charcoal Chine (Grey). Maffam Manu nest cushions have removable, machine washable covers.

All of our Maffam Manu nests come supplied with highest quality synthetic hemp rope, which is not only super strong but also has a natural look and feel that contrasts beautifully against the black basalt fibre.

You can hang your Maffam Manu nest swing seat from the bough of a tree or an outdoor pergola, or from a beam in the house. Moreover we have some exciting bases that you can optionally use too.

What’s more, you can now buy Maffam Manu nests online at our dedicated Maffam online shop. Your leisure is our pleasure!



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