Modern Garden Furniture International Shipping

Modern Garden Furniture International Shipping ….

Looking for some unique backyard furniture or luxury hotel parasols to go around your client’s pool in the Caribbean? Perhaps a designer fire pit or modern sofa swing seat to complete the look in your yard? Encompass Furniture sell worldwide, and offer a modern garden furniture international shipping service for residential and hospitality clients. All of our products are made in high quality outdoor furniture materials, ensuring a lifetime of functionality, reliability and aesthetic pleasure. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our personal & professional service, giving you peace of mind and enabling your dreams to become a reality, wherever you may be in the world.

Personal & Professional Service

Encompass Furniture & Accessories Ltd was founded in 1997, and since then we have supplied private customers, international hotel groups, architects and designers, here in the UK and internationally, and even to far-flung islands in the Pacific. Our personal & professional service starts immediately from your initial enquiry, all the way through to final delivery of your furniture. What’s more, we also offer an optional international installation service, in case you’d like someone to unload and set-up your unique backyard furniture on your behalf. Please also note that for exports outside the EU, UK VAT/Sales Tax @ 20% is not charged on your unique backyard furniture. We rely on our customers’ recommendations – our job is not done until you are entirely satisfied with your purchase and the personal & professional service you have received. Why not send us an email or talk to us on LiveChat, to request a competitive modern garden furniture international shipping quote. Your leisure is our pleasure, and we look forward to assisting you.

Unique Backyard Furniture

Your garden makeover is completed, and the landscape contractors are about to move out, but you’re looking for some unique backyard furniture to show-off the garden to its best, as well as to also entertain family and friends in unparalleled comfort and style. Browse our extensive range of high quality outdoor furniture and luxury hotel parasols where you’ll find your perfect outdoor lounge sets or modern garden dining furniture, designer fire pit or modern sofa swing seat for your yard.

Our featured image below shows Grythyttan high quality outdoor furniture tables and chairs, installed at Custard Apple Restaurant & Bar at English Harbour in Antigua, Caribbean. This unique backyard furniture has original design dating back to the 1930s – Grythyttan’s A2 chair was widely in use in Sweden before the dark clouds of World War II engulfed the world, and the furniture is now more popular than ever. Being located directly by the sea, Custard Apple Restaurant demanded unique backyard furniture in high quality outdoor furniture materials. Grythyttan tables and chairs have galvanised steel bases and frames, which offer maximum protection against corrosion in salty marine environments. The A2 cantilever chairs have seat and back in A-grade plantation teak, which is naturally oil-rich, again making it highly resistant to rotting and degradation. A2 cantilever chair has a pleasing bounce, and offers fantastic comfort and support. We also supplied the cushions for the A2 chairs in Sunbrella fabric, a solution-dyed acrylic fabric which is UV and stain-resistant, making it perfect for everyday contract and residential use. Custard Apple also requested bespoke man-made solid surface table tops, which we had made here in the UK before shipping to Antigua.

Encompass Furniture arrange modern garden furniture international shipping service for Custard Apple to Antigua, and our personal & professional service ensured all the goods arrived safely. We also regularly ship Grythyttan’s unique backyard furniture to customers throughout Europe, the Caribbean and the USA, where the furniture is particularly popular.

Modern Sofa Swing Seat

Our featured image on this blog post shows Hide modern sofa swing seat and stand in the blistering heat of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, where we arranged shipping for a professional client. Our personal & professional service guaranteed that the goods arrived safely and that the customer’s satisfaction was complete. Our modern sofa swing seat collection is also very popular in the USA where we also regularly arrange modern garden furniture international shipping to.

Our modern sofa swing seat collection is made in basalt fibre, a high quality outdoor furniture material originally used by the Soviet Union in the aerospace industry thanks to its lightness and strength. What’s more, every modern sofa swing seat will endure temperature extremes, from freezing arctic conditions through to sweltering equatorial UV rays. But let’s cut to the chase….our modern sofa swing seat collection is the most comfortable and unique backyard furniture we have ever sold, and looks fantastic gently spinning in the breeze whatever the weather, all year-round. Each and every modern sofa swing seat is hand-made, ensuring everyone is truly unique & individual…..the range includes stylish single seater yard swing seats, all the way through to Hide and Alpha, which seat 2-3 adults. You are purchasing some of the most comfortable high quality outdoor furniture that’s also amazing outdoor sculpture.  We are happy to guide you through the different and exciting options with our experience and the personal & professional service we offer.

Luxury Hotel Parasols

Everyday use – in hostile equatorial climates – of unique backyard furniture and luxury hotel parasols, demands the use of high quality outdoor furniture materials. Laucala Resort (Fiji) required luxury hotel parasols with a traditional and natural aesthetic for their poolside, outdoor lounge and restaurant areas. Royal Botania Shady Teak parasol perfectly fitted this luxury hotel parasols requirement. Shady Teak has study construction in A-grade plantation teak, with canopy in Tempost fabric, a solution-dyed acrylic material which is highly resistant to corrosion and UV degradation. Being situated in the middle of the Pacific, Laucala Resort also required all of the parasols’ fixtures and fittings to be supplied in electro-plated stainless steel, a finish which offers maximum resistance to salt water corrosion. Finally, Laucala Resort also requested bespoke Black granite bases, finished in a customised sand-blasted finish, which we were happily to do.

Laucala Resort also specified a quantity of Tuuci parasols for their beach area. Tucci luxury hotel parasols are internationally recognised for their high quality outdoor furniture materials, and are widely specified for high-end residential and hospitality projects. Encompass Furniture’s modern garden furniture international shipping service took care of shipping all parasols to Laucala Resort, Fiji. Our personal & professional service ensured that all goods arrived safely in Fiji, and customer’s satisfaction was met.

Designer Fire Pit

A designer fire pit provides a unique focal point in any outdoor space, and the dancing flames and conviviality attract people to gather round, making them perfect for your own back yard through to a large hotel terrace. Our designer fire pit collection is notable for their unique modern design and high quality outdoor furniture materials. What’s more, our designer fire pit range are available in a wide range of designs, formats and sizes, from Ercole circular firepit through to Opera large square fire pit.

Our modern garden furniture international shipping service provides safe and secure worldwide delivery, and our personal & professional service ensures your aspirational vision becomes a reality.

High Quality Outdoor Furniture

If you’re looking for unique back yard furniture that will last, high quality outdoor furniture materials are a must. These come at a price, but give you peace of mind that you are making an investment in high quality outdoor furniture that you and your guests will enjoy for decades to come.

Stainless steel is widely used in our ranges of unique backyard furniture, as it is incredibly strong, has timeless appeal and will not tarnish. For marine environments, we recommend electro-polished stainless steel or powder coated stainless steel.

Galvanised steel – as used with Grythyttan’s high quality outdoor furniture, has an industrial look, and is almost impervious to corrosion in even the harshest marine environment.

Grythyttan also widely use teak, a hardwood which is naturally oil-rich, making it resistant to rotting and corrosion and therefore suitable for unique backyard furniture.

Powder coated aluminium is another option for high quality garden furniture, as it is light and strong, and also highly resistant to corrosion.

Our range of basalt fibre high quality outdoor furniture is finished in a durable black marine-grade polyester gel coat, which is UV-resistant. The basalt fibre itself is light and strong, and widely used for military and aerospace applications, as well as our modern sofa swing seat collection.

Batyline mesh is a synthetic fibre widely for our high quality outdoor furniture dining and lounge sets. Batyline is UV and mildew-resistant, and has a comfortable bounce when you sit on it.

Ceramic is an increasingly popular material used for table tops on high quality outdoor furniture. Ceramic is a man-made surface material, which is UV, stain, and impact-resistant, and is available in a range of flat colour finishes, as well as some remarkable marble-effect finishes.

Our high quality outdoor furniture cushions are made in 100% solution-dyed acyrlic or polyropylene. These man-made fabrics are available in an exciting palette of colour and pattern finishes, and the material is UV, stain and mildew-resistant, as well as being machine washable.

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