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Modern Outdoor Kitchen …..

A modern outdoor kitchen  is the perfect place to enjoy precious time outdoors whilst entertaining family and friends. Our range of exterior kitchens and stainless steel bbqs allow you to prepare and cook food for your guests in fantastic style, and with the same convenience & functionality you’d expect from a high-end indoor kitchen. What’s more, our luxury garden kitchens and barbecues are made in high quality outdoor kitchen materials, meaning they require minimum maintenance or upkeep.`Whether you’re looking for a outdoor kitchen island, a modular garden kitchen with gas bbq, or perhaps a gleaming stainless steel charcoal bbq, we have the lot, down to the smallest detail, including outdoor fridges and exterior kitchen sinks.

Luxury Garden Kitchens And Barbecues

Our luxury garden kitchens and barbecues are available in a wide range of formats and sizes, from bijou wall-mounted stainless steel bbqs through to a large modular garden kitchen that you can configure to your exact requirements and tastes. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of high quality outdoor kitchen materials and finishes, enabling you to create your own perfect modern outdoor kitchen configuration.

Stainless Steel BBQs

Fesfoc are specialists in stainless steel bbqs and grills, and their high-end collection starts from small wall-mounted or free-standing solid fuel stainless steel bbqs like Akan, which has clean, modern lines and simple functionality. You can specify Fesfoc solid fuel stainless steel bbqs with a regular cast iron grill or a gleaming laser-cut steel grill. Krakatoa are a larger model of wall-mounted stainless steel bbqs which can be specified with solid fuel or gas grills. Krakatoa can be specified with a wide range of add-ons, including kitchen sink and stainless steel storage cabinets and a fridge cabinet which are designed to be fitted beneath Krakatoa. Krakatoa also has extra extra work surface space in polished black granite, which is highly practical and makes a stylish contrast with Krakatoa’s brushed stainless steel body.

Fesfoc’s Cocoa Island is a range of free-standing stainless steel bbqs which are available in both gas and solid fuel formats. Cocoa Island has timeless modern lines, and is made in brushed stainless steel with work surface in polished Black granite. You can choose a range of optional features including kitchen sink, storage cabinets and a fridge cabinets, to create an attractive and functional modern outdoor kitchen.

Modular Garden Kitchen

In addition to supplying a wide range of modern garden furniture, Roshults also produce a beautiful modular garden kitchen range. Open Kitchen is characterised by timeless modern Scandinavian design and is made in high quality outdoor kitchen materials. Open Kitchen luxury garden kitchens and barbecues are based on a simple modular concept that uses different-size base modules which can be arranged in your desired configuration. Then the magic begins, as you choose which cooking and accessory modules you want to specify to place on the base modules. You can choose gas or charcoal grills, a gas hob, a cutting block, sink module or drawer unit. But that’s not all…you can add different-size work surfaces to your modular garden kitchen configuration, as well as a fridge unit. Open Kitchen modular garden kitchen is a made in high quality stainless steel, and is available in brushed stainless steel or anthracite powder coated stainless steel finishes.

Another exciting and versatile modular garden kitchen option comes from Cane-line, a Danish manufacturer of high-end outdoor furniture. Cane-line’s Drop Kitchen can be arranged into a wide range of food preparation and outdoor entertaining configurations, and the entire collection is made in high quality outdoor kitchen materials. Drop Kitchen consists of 2 different sizes of outdoor kitchen cabinets, which can be individually arranged, or side-by-side or back-to-back. Different size stone-effect ceramic work tops are then placed on the cabinets, or you can add a stainless steel work surface with sink. Drop Kitchen is designed for for functional everyday use, and also features a voluminous rubbish bin for your empties, as well as stylish and practical teak surfaces inside the cabinets. Further optional add-ons include a teak bar counter that fits onto Drop kitchen cabinet, opening up the possibility of entertaining guests directly around your modular garden kitchen. You can also add vertical trellises in teak to which you can fit storage units. Where to grow, tend and harvest the essential herbs for the summer salad you’re preparing your guests? Drop modular garden kitchen also includes a functional green house which shares Drop kitchen’s clean modern design and high quality outdoor kitchen materials.

Cane-line also offer a wide range of modern garden bar stools, including Peacock exterior bar stool (pictured), which is perfect for seating your guests in fantastic comfort.

Outdoor Kitchen Island

A central outdoor kitchen island opens up a wide range of possibilities, and the stylish modern design and unparalleled functionality can be appreciated and used from 360º. Fesfoc’s Kauai Island outdoor kitchen island has striking modern design, and provides ample surfaces for preparation of food and drinks, whilst also hosting your guests sat at the bar counter. You can cook on Kauai Island using a range of gas grills, whilst washing plates, glass and cooking accessories in the built-in sink. Keep champagne and beers cool in the marine-grade fridges and coolers, built-in beneath Kauai’s work surface, where you’ll also find ample storage in Kauai’s drawers and cupboards. Kauai outdoor kitchen island is available in a range of high quality outdoor kitchen materials, including stainless steel and ceramic. You can choose the ceramic in a plain white, or a stunning carrara marble-effect ceramic, as well as many other finishes. What’s more, Kauai Island is also available in bespoke sizes and formats, enabling endless outdoor catering and entertainment possibilities.

High Quality Outdoor Kitchen Materials

For your peace of mind, our luxury garden kitchens and barbecues are made in high quality outdoor kitchen materials, ensuring a lifetime of low-maintenance outdoor entertaining and aesthetic appreciation. Our stainless steel bbqs are available as standard in 304 stainless steel, which is highly resistant and corrosion-proof for all environments except marine settings. Roshults Open Kitchen can also optionally be specified in an anthracite-colour powder coat paint finish, as well as optional 316 marine-grade stainless steel. Fesfoc also offer the possibility of specifying their products in 316 marine-grade stainless steel.

Cane-line use powder coated aluminium to create their Drop modern outdoor kitchen. The kitchen cabinets’ aluminium bodies are powder coated in a stylish and durable Anthracite-colour polyester powder coat. The powder coated aluminium is strong, and highly resistant to corrosion and UV degradation, as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

Ceramic – as used on Fesfoc’s outdoor kitchen island range – is UV and temperature-extreme resistant and non-porous, as well as being shock and scratch-proof. The material is easy to clean and maintain, and is available in a wide range of plain colour and marble-effect finishes.

Teak is a hardwood widely used in Cane-line’s Drop Outdoor Kitchen collection. Teak is naturally oil-rich, making it highly resistant to rotting and corrosion. The timber naturally weathers to a stylish silver/grey patina after prolonged exterior exposure. Cane-line’s teak is responsibly sourced through the WWF’s Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN) initiative.

Roshults luxury garden kitchens and barbecues also feature optional teak surfaces and a solid teak chopping block.

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