Modern Terrace Heaters

Modern Terrace Heaters ….

There’s nothing better than sharing precious evenings outdoors, chatting with family and friends in a cosy spot.  It may still be Summer but the nights are already slowly drawing in, promising that chilly and dark evenings are just around the corner. You can easily extend Summer evenings with our range of modern terrace heaters, which produce pleasant heat and light to create a warm & convivial outdoor atmosphere. What’s more, our electric garden heaters consume less energy and give off zero CO2 emissions than conventional gas patio heaters, making them cheaper and more environmentally friendly to run. But that’s not all….our infra-red heaters incorporate timeless modern design, and are available in a range of colour finishes for you to choose from.

Electric Patio Heaters

Our electric outdoor heaters use cutting-edge FAR infra-red technology, which produces a particularly comfortable warmth, without the red glow usually associated with electric heaters. FAR infra-red is also shown to improve blood circulation and skin complexion, as well as expanding capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow, regeneration and improved circulation and oxygen flow. Heatsail outdoor heating company supply Disc electric patio heater and Dome modern terrace heater, both of which generate heat within a 5 metre diametre. Dome and Disc outdoor heaters have 2 heat settings of 1500 Watt (medium) or 2850 Watt (High), which you can easily select using control buttons on the heater’s base. Dome is the standard modern garden heater, whilst Disc electric patio heater has exclusive minimalist design by Studio Piet Boon.

Low Maintenance Outdoor Heaters

Heatsail designer garden heaters are designed to require as little maintenance as possible. The heaters use highly efficient and durable ceramic heating elements, combined with the best materials.  The heaters are also rust-free and weather proof, thanks to their highest quality materials which include stainless steel, galvanised steel and powder coated aluminium.

Outdoor Heater & Lamp

In addition to exuding warmth, our range of heaters are also fitted with dimmable lights – perfect for enhancing your outdoor space at night. You can easily control the 120 W dimmable lights with the supplied remote control unit, enabling you to create just the right ambiance.

Cantilever Garden Heaters

Cantilever garden heaters are perfect for use over outdoor sofas and garden dining furniture, as well as higher exterior bar furniture. Both Dome and Disc terrace heaters are available as cantilever heaters, and can be easily moved around thanks to the wheels fitted to their base. Dome cantilever infra-red heater is also optionally available with Bluetooth music, enabling you to get into the groove by simply pairing your phone with Dome’s Bluetooth speakers, which are cunningly concealed in the base. Dome & Disc cantilever patio heaters are supplied as standard with a 2.9m cable, fitted with a UK 3 pin 13 AMP plug.

Outdoor Ceiling Heaters

Exterior pendant heaters are perfect for use from the ceiling of an outdoor building or beam of a pergola etc, creating nighttime warmth & ambience.  Disc and Dome designer garden heaters are both available in pendant format, and both options also include the dimmable light, which is controlled with the supplied remote control. The ceiling heaters’ heat settings are controlled from a hard-wired control switch. Another striking option is Beem exterior ceiling heater and light, which has sleek linear design. Beem is available in 4 different sizes and also optionally includes a “misting” feature, which releases pressurised water mist, cooling you and your guests as required on a warm summer’s day.

Heatsail Outdoor Heating Company

Heatsail are a Belgian company dedicated to the design and production of high quality garden heaters. Their range of modern patio heaters use the latest infra-red heating technology and low maintenance materials. Heatsail outdoor heaters are more sustainable and consume less energy than regular gas patio heaters, and are suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. Encompass Furniture ship Heatsail products free of charge within mainland UK and mainland EU. We also assemble Dome and Disc cantilever heaters free of charge in London, the SE and Home Counties. Please note that the final electrical connection of all Heatsail outdoor heaters should only be made by a qualified electrician.

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