Studio Cheha Modern 3D Light Collection

ZIGGI B Standard Lamp From Bulbing Designer LED Lamp Collection By Studio Cheha. Modern Design Table Lamp, Contemporary Floor Lamp, Designer Pendant Light Collection - Unique Designer Gift

STUDIO CHEHA Modern 3D Light Collection

STUDIO CHEHA modern 3D Light Collection – designed by Nir & Aya Chehanowski.

BULBING Designer Optical Illusion Lamp Collection

Studio Cheha modern 3D light range has impeccable contemporary design, with an unexpected twist! Studio Cheha modern 3D light collection gives the impression of being 3 dimensional lamp shades, so real you can almost touch them. However, Bulbing designer optical illusion lamp collection features lampshade made in 2 dimensional Acrylic plastic, with an etched laser-cut design which picks up the high quality LED lighting, giving the impression of being 3 dimensional.

BULBING designer optical illusion lamp collection are made in highest quality materials and are supplied as standard with 3 pin UK plug.

BY BULBING Retro Design Table Lamp Range

Studio Cheha lighting collection is best known for BY BULBING retro design table lamp collection – a modern desk lamp and bedside table light range which draws inspiration from vintage design, reinterpreted with a unique contemporary style. BY BULBING retro design table lamp collection includes By Bulbing Dome table lamp and the exquisite By Bulbing Ziggi desk lamp. BY BULBING optical illusion light collection are fitted as standard with dimmer switches allowing you to set a myriad of different moods.

BULBING Cool 3D Lamp For Kids Range

If you’re looking for unique modern lighting for children, Studio Cheha have also created the BULBING cool 3D lamp for kids range, featuring the same magical optical illusion effect as BY BULBING designer table lamp collection. Reach-out and you can almost touch BULBING 3d Skull lamp – also the perfect modern gift for the hipster. BULBING Headphones style light is the ideal modern gift for a teenager or a aspiring Pete Tong.
BULBING cool 3D lamp for kids also includes the magical Balloon lamp, which has a magical 3 dimensional appearance and trendy modern styling.

Like all Bulbing lamps, BULBING Balloon 3D light for kids is made in high quality etched Acrylic plastic with beech plywood base. The collection will enchant kids and adults alike.

BULBING ZIGGI B Modern Floor Lamp

BULBING ZIGGI B Modern Floor lamp is the big brother of BY BULBING Ziggi retro modern table lamp. Thanks to the dimmer switch included as standard BULBING ZIGGI B minimalist standard lamp can set a wide variety of ambiences in ultimate modernist style.

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