Conmoto modern and contemporary design firetools include a wide selection of highly functional and aesthetically pleasing fireplace and stove accessories, such as modern design companion sets, pokers, fire dogs, bellows,  log carriers and glass fire screens. Should you already have the perfect fireplace or stove, you will find in these pages the accompanying modern fireside accessories that you have been looking for.

This collection of contemporary firetools and accessories include inspirational, timeless modern design, functionality and prices to suit most budgets.

Designers include German modern design icons such as Peter Maly, Sieger Design, Fried Ulber, Carsten Gollnick,  Studio Vertijet, Sebastian David Buscher, Schweiger & Viererbl, Studio Aisslinger and Bernd Benninghoff.

Conmoto modern design firetools and accessories are designed and made in Germany, using the very best materials such as stainless steel, toughened glass, powder coated steel, leather and beech wood.

Stainless steel is always in a brushed finish, whilst powder coated steel items are available in grey or black. Toughened glass is available in frosted or black options. Lastly, the Tema modern design firetools are optionally available with a soapstone base.

Meno tool set consists of base, poker and tongs. 100% stainless steel, or economic Anthracite Grey.

Meno tool set 71cm height. 18cm width. 5cm depth.

Anthracite Grey Meno (10902). £146 inc VAT.

Stainless steel Meno (10901). £268 inc VAT.

Tongs sit on top of poker, which fits into base. Stainless steel.

Conmoto Timos 65cm height. 18cm width. 18cm depth. (10900) £267 inc VAT. (Tongs sit on top of poker, which fits into base. Stainless steel.)

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