Bio-alcohol fireplaces from Conmoto produce a decorative flame, and 1KW of heat. On these pages you will find a unique range of purist modern design bio-alcohol fires, suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Conmoto modern and contemporary design bio-alcohol stoves require no chimney or flue connection, making them ideal for interior city living, or alternatively out in the garden where a real flame becomes a focal point for an evening outdoors, with no complications. The height of the flame can be adjusted by opening or closing the doors of the bio-alcohol burning chamber. Ethanol bio-alcohol produces a beautiful and long lasting yellowish red flame, and has no additives and is odourless.

This range of modern, contemporary design bio-alcohol fires has been elaborated by some of Europe’s best known designers, including Schweiger &Vierebl, Peter Maly, Studio Aisslinger, Carsten Gollnick, Sebastian David Buscher, Studio Vertijet and Sieger Design.

Bio-fuel stoves such as Conmoto Travelmate are portable, and suitable for both exterior and interior use. Instantly recognisable as a portable device, the Travelmate automatically conveys the notion that it is not bound to one place.

Dots modern design bio-fuel fireplace becomes a piece of furniture with its’ accompanying seat dots, again suitable for exterior or interior use.

For the modern design purists, the Conmoto Loungefire bio-alcohol fireplace is modular, allowing you to build your own Loungefire shelf system, with the added beauty of a real flame.

Should you simply want to obtain the simple and timeless appearance of a hearth alive with flickering flame, Conmoto Quadro bio-alcohol fire is a simple alternative to a real log or coal fireplace.

Conmoto bio-alcohol fireplaces are available in a several different colour finishes and specifications.

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