Modern Garden Furniture Swing Seat

Here’s a recent installation of a modern garden furniture swing seat featuring Bios Hide 3 seater swing seat, designed by Raimonds Cirulis for [BLACK] luxury garden furniture. Bios Hide is the most comfortable garden furniture we have sold in 20 years, and is big enough to seat up to 2 adults and a child. You can suspend Bios Hide garden seat pod from a the branch of a tree, a pergola beam, inside the house or from one of our high quality swing seat base options as featured here.

Hide 3 Seater Swing Seat Design

Bios Hide 3 seater swing seat has an organic modern design and s evocative of the Weaver bird’s nest. Hide modern garden furniture swing seat is not only comfortable garden furniture – Hide is year-round garden art that can be appreciated as it gently revolves in the breeze, whatever the weather. Bios Hide 3 seater swing seat is perfect for the modern garden as well as the home.

Luxury Garden Furniture Materials

Bios Hide luxury garden furniture is made in highest quality basalt fibre, a once Top Secret polymer first used by the Soviet Union in the aerospace industry. Basalt fibre is prized for its strength and lightness, making it perfect for use in missile nose cones and fuel drop tanks, as well as luxury garden furniture!

Basalt fibre is extracted at high temperatures from basalt rock. The fibre is then mixed with epoxy resin and hand-applied over a mould. Once cured, the basalt fibre is finished in marine-grade polyester gel coat, which is UV resistant and perfect for use with Hide modern garden furniture swing seat.

Comfortable Garden Furniture

Bios Hide 3 seater swing seat has perfect ergonomics and supports you in all the right places. What really makes Bios the most comfortable garden furniture we have ever sold is the addition of the luxurious Sunbrella fabric cushion. The cushion is approximately 15cm deep, and comes up to head height when inside Bios Hide. You seriously won’t want to get out of this modern garden furniture swing seat.

The Sunbrella cushion is available in Taupe or Grey, and the cover is removable and machine washable. Sunbrella fabric isĀ UV resistant, water repellant.

Bios Garden Seat Pod Collection

The Bios garden seat pod collection includes larger 3 seater swing seat options including Hide and Alpha, through to sculptural single swing seats including Mini, Lucid and Nest. You can view the whole collection at our garden furniture online store.

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