Maffam CONE basalt garden armchair, designed by Raimonds Cirulis, is an ergonomically shaped garden relax chair, suitable for interior or exterior use, and has a lifetime outdoors of 30-50 years. CONE basalt garden armchair is also stackable, making it ideal for areas where space is at a premium.

Made in basalt fibre, finished in durable polyurethane gel coat, CONE basalt garden armchair has a distinctive bold modern design and ergonomic form which makes CONE chair a highly comfortable & stylish lounge chair.

Basalt fibres were once a Top Secret polymer used by the Soviets in the aerospace industry for its versatility, lightness and strength. CONE basalt garden armchair is finished as standard in a black polyurethane gel coat, with other RAL colours available on request.

Thanks to its great design, comfort and durability, CONE is suitable for a wide variety of high-end residential and hospitality installation, including private homes and gardens, restaurants, bars, spas, cruise ships, hotels, offices etc.

The company also create and manufacture the exclusive Maffam Manu Nest collection of luxury hanging garden seats.

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