Ice Poltrona- modern design chair for exterior use – designed by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci for Pedrali

Ice Poltrona is constructed with an anodized aluminium frame and polypropylene shell. These materials are UV and water rsistant making IceĀ  suitable for year-round outdoor or interior use.

Pedrali Ice Poltrona bistro carver chair is available in a wide range of UV resistant colours, including white, yelow, lime green, orange, red, purple, grey, brown and black.

Pedrali Ice Poltrona carver chair is chic, stylish and economically priced, making it an ideal choice for use in cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, further education, office canteens, and many other locations, where durabilty, comfort, value for money and style are essential requisites.

Indoor and outdoor refinement


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