Lorca – modern design table or desk for the contract market – designed by Abad Diseno for Sellex

The essence of Lorca table is the solid wooden structure topped with a wooden top.

The design of the table gives a personality to the space where it is located. The table rabge Lorca increases with the possibility of wings on its side and larger size tables for meeting rooms.

Office Tables : 180×100 cm./200×100 cm.

Top: chipboard veneered or lacquered   31mm thick, 10mm bevelled edges. Reinforced steel beam embedded in the wood.

Legs: solid wood veneered or lacquered 70x40mm. Metal protection on the bottom rail as a footrest.

Bucks and wings: frame in veneered or lacquered 31mm wood.  Rear in veneer or lacquered 11m thick.

Drawers: front in veneered or lacquered wood 20mm thick. Soft sliding rail and closing. Easy adjustment system and dismantling of the drawer (no tools required).

Wheels 105mm height and maximum load capacity of 50kgs.

Doors in veneered or lacquered wood of 20mm thick.

80mm height metal legs steel-stainless steel finishing.

Top support of height 112mm stainless steel  finish.

Inside dividers and bottom drawer in oak finish, NUX colour.

Indoor and outdoor refinement


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