Pratic Nomo Pergola – the open air culture. 50 year’s experience enables Pratic to offer a complete range of sun awnings using precious wood and fabrics, aluminium alloys and stainless steel.

Designed and made to the highest quality in Italy,  Nomo has a fully retractable roof blind, which features a patented tilted gutter that ensures the inside of  Nomo pergola remains completely dry in the event of even the heaviest rain when the retractable roof is closed.

Each Nomo pergola is bespoke and made to your own specifications. Nomo offers many optional extras, allowing you to personalise your outdoor room into a stunning & convivial space.

Options for Nomo pergola include; LED lighting, retractable “Raso” vertical blinds, as well as sliding glass doors.

Nomo modules can be made to a maximum size of 5.5m x 7.0m. It is then possible to couple more modules in order to create protected independent areas.

Nomo is ideal for both residential and hospitality projects.

Encompass can prepare a rendering of Nomo pergola, tailored to your specifications. For further information, please contact Encompass.

Practic was the first company to carry out tests on sun awnings in the Pininafarina wind tunnel. The exclusive patents which safeguard the unique design of the products and the certificates which comply with current standards highlight the attention paid to quality and safety, which have always been benchmarks of the company’s philosophy.


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