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Sebios Modern Fire Pit Company

Sebios are a young Dutch company who design and manufacture innovative and distinctive modern fire pit designs. Their modern fire pit range is made in high quality fire pit materials and is entirely designed, made & assembled in-house.

Quality Modern Fire Pit

Sebios quality modern fire pit collection has been extensively tested for good combustion & deformation. Their exclusive designer fire pits are made in highest quality Corten steel, available in natural oxidised finish or heat resistant black lacquer. The fire pits are made using high pressure water cutting technology which enables great precision and creativity.


The company’s quality modern fire pit portfolio includes vertical garden fireplaces such as Tendu and Modufire, through to circular designs such as Senna fire pit and Beach brazier. Larger fire pits are also optionally available with a stainless steel BBQ grill.

The fire pits are suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces in residential and hospitality projects.

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