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Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen, designed by Peter Walsh and hand-made in the UK using only highest quality materials. Available in a wide range of personalised high-end finishes. Prices start at £25,000. Please contact us for more info.

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About Aemyrie Products

Aemyrie Wood Fired Outdoor Kitchen Company

Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen is the brainchild of cooking aficionado and bon viveur Peter Walsh, and is hand-made in the UK to the most exacting standards.

Bespoke Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

Aemyrie outdoor kitchens are custom-made to your specifications and are made using only premium quality materials. The kitchens feature the latest technology which allows you to simply and easily achieve cooking perfection in maximum style.

High Quality Garden Kitchen

Aemyrie solid fuel outdoor kitchen is created with passion and is made in highest quality stainless steel, with the stylish end panels available in a range of luxury finishes including teak, oak, walnut, ebony and many more. The state-of-the-art cooking technology enables this unique outdoor grill to achieve very high temperatures very quickly, or to slow-cook at low temperatures over a prolonged period of time, providing an unparalleled range of cooking options.

Functional & Versatile Outdoor Kitchen

The company’s exclusive exterior kitchen’s unique modern design, unbeatable functionality and the versatile array of luxury finishes make this unique garden grill the chef’s choice, and the kitchens are ideal for high-end residential and hospitality projects.



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