Tuskany LUXURY Cabana DAYBED Is A SPACIOUS Teak Daybed Designed By Kris Van Puyvelde. Tuskany Is An ADJUSTABLE Twin Daybed Made In HIGH-END Garden FURNITURE Materials With Luxury Mattresses Available In Exciting Palette Of Fabrics. Tuskany Is Made By ROYAL BOTANIA Modern Teak Furniture Company.

Tuskany Luxury Cabana Daybed

Tuskany Luxury Cabana Daybed Tuskany luxury cabana daybed ( TSK 210 G )- adjustable twin daybed designed by Kris Van Puyvelde for Royal Botania modern teak furniture company. Tuskany is a spacious teak daybed that is a showpiece in your garden, a dream bed, an island that tempts you to clear your head. Tuskany  modern garden […]

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