Aemyrie Luxury Wood-fired Outdoor Kitchen

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Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen, designed and hand-made in the UK using only highest quality materials. Available in a wide range of personalised high-end finishes. Prices start at £25,000. Please contact us for more info.

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  • Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen
  • Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen
  • Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen
  • Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen
  • Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen
  • Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen

Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen, designed by Peter Walsh – UK. What length would you go to recreate the taste of the best food you have ever experienced?

The name “Aemyrie” originates from Old English and refers to a glowing fragment of wood from a fire.  Hampshire based grilling enthusiast and fine food aficionado Peter Walsh fell in love with the unique taste achieved through cooking on wood fires, and in 2014 began a three year quest to create the world’s most functional luxury wood-fired grill, culminating in the Aemyrie wood-fired kitchen.

Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen is set to change the landscape of outdoor cooking by providing gastronomic perfection through unrivalled beauty, exceptional performance and unique functionality. Every Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen is handmade in England to the highest standards from the finest materials available, using cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

There are many cooking styles available to a chef when using an Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen grill. A patent applied for intelligent temperature control system automatically adjusts the grill to ensure food is cooked to complete perfection. Utilising a wide range of fuels including solid wood logs, briquettes, hardwood pellets and charcoal, Aemyrie high-end outdoor grills allow food lovers and professional chefs across the globe to create everything from a steak seared for seconds at 500˚C to melt-in-the-mouth meat which has been smoked at very low temperature for 20 hours or more.

Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen’s solid fuel system is perfect for ‘hot and fast’ grilling on embers at higher temperatures, with a second system specifically designed for a ‘low and slow’ approach to smoking and barbecue grilling much favoured by professionals. Pure wood pellets are smouldered to release smoke with far less heat than charcoal or wood. This provides the ideal temperatures for longer cooking and ensures excellent flavours. Aemyrie bespoke grills also include a humidity system which retains maximum moisture and smoke flavour when cooking.

The highly sophisticated Aemyrie bespoke outdoor grill and barbeque has received critical acclaim from top chefs ahead of its launch. During the pre-production stage Michelin-starred chef Darron Bunn said, “If you are working as a chef and you don’t want one of these you need to change career. These are really classy.”

Weighing nearly 400Kg and at over 1.44m (57 inches) in width an Aemyrie grill allows you to present spectacular food for 30 or more guests with ease. It is certain to ‘wow’ your audience and become a talking point at any event.

Encased within the cool-touch exterior is an array of technological masterpieces. Every hand-crafted grill benefits from a patent applied for intelligent temperature control system and incorporates space-age materials and technologies.

The powerful Ceramignite® ignition system brings the grill to cooking temperature in a matter of minutes and can achieve temperatures in excess of 500 ˚C – more than twice the temperature of most conventional ovens. This has the added benefit of allowing the grill to be self-cleaning – any cooking residues simply carbonise and brush away at such high temperatures.

Hidden within Aemyrie luxury garden grill is a sophisticated computer which automatically adjusts the airflow, ventilation and the height of the wood burning grate to allow for precise and consistent temperature control.

Thanks to an LED screen and intuitive control panel the grill can be set to cook at the ideal temperature and for a desired period of time. An Aemyrie grill simply plugs into the mains electricity and has no need for a gas bottle. Thanks to this, Aemyrie provides the convenience of a gas grill, the temperature control of a conventional kitchen oven and flavours that can only be achieved by cooking on real wood.

There are nearly 2,000 components which make up an Aemyrie grill, and due to their weight and size, final assembly and commissioning is completed onsite. Once assembled, the new barbecue grill gets a final quality check and is finely polished before being unveiled to its new owner. A personal demonstration of each function of the grill is then provided, with some clients also choosing to have their own catering teams trained in how Aemyrie helps other top professional chefs to achieve the very best in fine dining.

Peter Walsh assembled a highly specialised team of artisan craftsmen, experienced designers and professional fabricators to bring Aemyrie grills to life. Chief Design Officer David Fowler – also a fine food and grilling connoisseur – helped to create the iconic design using familiar shapes. The sleek, retro-modern design incorporates concepts seen on luxury automobiles and yachts to create an impressively imposing exterior. Inspiration for the outer side panels created from pin striped woods came from the classic Bentley Boat-Tail of the 1920s and Riva Aquarama made famous in the 60s and 70s.

Individual panels and components receive different treatment and finishing options. Interiors can be treated with a range of temperature resistant coatings and exterior surfaces may also have several other special finishes applied using paints, varnishes, lacquers, enamels and even liquid metals.

Bespoke cast components include handles, hood hinges, facia panels and side panels. All of these are created by an ultra-modern foundry using traditional techniques with each component being individually cast, finished and quality checked by hand to ensure perfection.

By owning an Aemyrie luxury wood-fired outdoor kitchen grill you can express yourself completely and share your love of food with others. Peter Walsh explains, “Each Aemyrie grill is individually commissioned to allow customers to create a genuinely unique piece of art for their outdoor kitchen space. Customers can select from a wide range of designs, finishes, colours and materials to make a truly one-off creation. Even the dials, which are crafted from a single piece of wood or metal, can be customised to the requirements of our customers.

“Similar to the engine of an Aston Martin, Bentley or Rolls Royce, each grill is mounted with an individual ownership plaque and unique identification number. We are also able to incorporate a customer’s personal branding, logo and colour scheme if they wish to do so. It is our mission to provide a truly unique item which represents the pinnacle of quality and the individuality of our customers. We build the best grills in the world and encourage our customers to make them even better.”

Aemyrie wood fired grills will be available to order in April. Pricing is dependent on customer requirements and starts from around £25,000. Please contact Encompass for more information.

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