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  • Conmoto MURO alcohol fire

Conmoto MURO alcohol fire Sebastian David Büscher for Conmoto – Germany. Conmoto MURO alcohol fire is a modern German design ethanol-burning fire place which is ideal for use indoor and outside.

MURO modern bioethanol fire has minimalist lines and understated design, making it ideal for the modern home and garden. Moreover, thanks to its highest quality materials, Conmoto MURO alcohol fire is also weather proof.

For your peace of mind, is made from only the highest quality materials. Conmoto MURO alcohol fire’s body is made from concrete reinforced with fibre glass. MURO fire’s burning chamber is made from high quality stainless steel, and the fire removable fire guards are made in glass and premium quality brushed stainless steel. MURO’s fire guard prevents MURO fire’s flames from the wind, and the glass makes a nice juxtaposition to MURO’s concrete body.

Conmoto MURO modern alcohol fire’s fuel tank holds approximately one litre of ethanol fuel, enough to provide a burning time of 2.5 – 3.5 hours. The fuel tank/burning chamber is fitted with sliding doors which can be opened and closed to easily control the height and size of the flames.

Conmoto MURO modern German alcohol fire place is available in 2 sizes, and can be used in a wide variety of locations in the garden and home.

Conmoto MURO alcohol fire Small 58 h x 49 w x 15 d cm.
Conmoto MURO alcohol fire Large 70 h x 58 w x 17 d cm.

You can now buy Conmoto MURO alcohol fire place direct from Encompass Furniture’s Conmoto alcohol fire online shop.

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