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Maffam King Luxury Hanging Garden Seat

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Encompass Furniture offer free UK mainland delivery of Maffam King luxury hanging garden seat. Please contact us for a shipping quote for other delivery destinations.

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  • Maffam KING Luxury Hanging Garden Seat
  • Maffam KING Luxury Hanging Garden Seat
  • Maffam KING Luxury Hanging Garden Seat
  • Maffam KING Luxury Hanging Garden Seat
  • Maffam KING Luxury Hanging Garden Seat
  • Maffam KING luxury hanging garden seat

Maffam KING Luxury Hanging Garden Seat

Maffam KING luxury hanging garden seat created by Raimonds Cirulis for [BLACK]. Latvia.

Buy Maffam Manu King Nest Online

Visit the UK Distributor’s online shop where you can buy Maffam King luxury hanging garden seat.

Chic Design Meets Opulent Comfort

Maffam King luxury hanging garden seat is one of our Best Sellers, and for good reason. Maffam King high premium quality hanging garden seat has a captivating modern design and is a year-round piece of garden art. Buy what really makes this furniture special is the fantastic comfort it provides when the optional Sunbrella cushion is added! I speak from experience – I have one in my garden.

Maffam King luxury hanging garden seat sits 2-3 people, or 2 people lying down inside. King modern swing seat is designed for year round outdoor use, but also makes a great piece of interior furniture.

Where Can I Hang My Maffam King?

King modern hanging lounge pod can be suspended from the branch of a tree, a beam in a house or pergola, or from a stand. Maffam King chair is ideal for use in private gardens, hotels, restaurants, spas and many other spaces, both inside and out.

Top Quality Space Age Materials

Maffam King garden swing seat’s unique design is achieved through its construction in basalt fibre, a once Top Secret polymer used by the Soviets in the aerospace industry. Basalt fibres are light yet remarkably strong and can be formed into any shape, hence making them ideal for rockets cones and fuel drop tanks…..and amazing pieces of garden furniture. Maffam King luxury hanging garden seat weighs only 21kg, but can take a load of up to 600kg.

King chair’s intricate hand-laid basalt fibres are finished with a highly resistant marine-grade polyurethane gel-coat finish in black colour finish, which guarantees a lifetime of hassle-free use.

Bulging High Quality Cushion

Maffam King swing seat’s optional cushion is magnificently deep measuring approximately 15cm depth. The cushion fills the whole of King chair up to head height, and we challenge you to find a more comfortable piece of furniture once the Sunbrella cushion is added to King hanging garden seat!

Maffam King chair’s Sunbrella cushion is available in Heather Grey (taupe) or Charcoal Chine (mid-grey) fabrics, and the covers are removable and machine washable.

Quality Rope Supplied As Standard

Maffam King luxury hanging garden seat is supplied as standard with 3m of high quality synthetic hemp rope, with more rope available on request. The synthetic hemp rope has a natural look and feel and makes a nice contrast against King chair’s sleek black design.

Modern Latvian Design

If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…..above all if you’re in Latvia. Raimonds Cirulis is a highly talented physicist and designer who has harnessed the magical properties of basalt fibre to create a unique collection of modern hanging garden seat pods and nests. Maffam Manu nests come in many shapes and forms from the large Maffam Zeppelin (big enough for 2-3 people), through to individual swing seats such as the sculptural Maffam Ibis. All of Ray’s designs of hanging nest pods are ergonomically designed for your maximum comfort, and are made in highest quality aerospace-grade materials, making them impervious to the weather. Each Maffam Manu nest is hand-made, meaning each piece is uniquely individual – no two pieces are ever the same.


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