Conmoto Quadro Ethanol Fire

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Conmoto QUADRO Ethanol Fire

Conmoto QUADRO ethanol fire – contemporary alcohol fire in highest quality materials, designed & made in Germany. Conmoto Quadro ethanol fire’s compact size and everyday functionality ensure this modern bio ethanol fire is the perfect all-rounder for fire-lovers.

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Dimensions; 16 H x 34 W x 21 D cm
Weight; 11kg
Tank capacity; 0.8 litre
Burning time; 3 hours (subject to flame height)
Fuel; Bioethanol

Where Can I Use Quadro Contemporary Alcohol Fire?

Quadro flueless ethanol fire can either be used as an indoor free-standing fireplace or placed inside your existing fireplace. This makes QUADRO contemporary alcohol fire ideal for all those looking to revive their obsolete open wood-burning fireplace with a cleaner, more simple alternative – a modern bio-ethanol fireplace. Quadro modern alcohol fire’s body doesn’t get hot, meaning that it can also be used as a free-standing fire on a dining room or living room table.

Quadro Flueless Fire’s High Quality Materials

Conmoto Quadro modern ethanol fire’s body is made in high quality steel painted black. Quadro flueless fire’s fuel resevoir chamber is made in high grade stainless steel.

How Quadro Ethanol Fire Works

Quadro contemporary alcohol fire’s fuel reservoir chamber has two sliding doors, that can be opened or close in order to regulate the flame’s size. The fuel reservoir chamber has a 0.8 litre capacity, which is sufficient for a burn-time of approx. 3 hours.

Conmoto Company

Conmoto is a 100% German company established by Johannes Wagner. The company specialises in high-end fireside accessories and high quality alcohol fires. Their products are characterised by their exclusive modern design and highest quality materials.

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