European Design Garden Furniture

European Design Garden Furniture

Encompass are a modern garden furniture company that has travelled the length and breadth of Europe to bring you the best, most well-designed contemporary garden furniture currently being manufactured. Take the Italian designed Talenti Cleo Garden Lounge furniture – this is luxury garden furniture that combines extravagant comfort with stylish design. This collection of European design garden furniture can be mixed and matched to form an outdoor lounge that is unique to you. Choose a rocking relax chair or a chic sofa, a deluxe dining set or minimalist Cleo teak sun-lounger. The premium quality of teak alongside the luxuriously comfortable fabric, Sunbrella©, the industry standard for outdoor optimally durable fabrics, makes this collection not only extremely pleasing to the eye, they are hard-wearing and exceptionally comfortable – all year round!

Cross a few borders and you will discover the Latvian designed Maffam Zeppelin Modern Garden Swing Seat. Distinctively modern and manufactured from supremely strong basalt fibre, this hanging garden pod easily holds four people due to its generous size. And it is for the whole year round thanks to the low-maintenance material, basalt fibre, a lightweight, highly versatile weave. Suspended from a tree or beam, the Maffam Zeppelin Modern Garden Seat shows how European design garden furniture can be both beautiful and functional.

Sail across the water and our Swedish cousins have been designing classically modern minimalist garden furniture for years. The Grythyttan Stålmobler A3 Garden Lounge Furniture is understated luxury that is ergonomically excellent. Manufactured from a range of quality wood – whether it is A grade teak or premium quality oak or pine that is oiled to perfection, the classic slat shapes are complemented by a high quality steel frame that is finished either galvanised or corrosion resistant green. Rest by the pool or watch the bees buzzing between flowers in chairs that instinctively help you to relax and take the sting out of the day.

When you buy modern garden furniture from Encompass it is clear that they have searched every corner of Europe to bring you excellence in design and functionality, that will enhance your living space into the garden and beyond.

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